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brain dump 003 [05.07-06.07]

mesh cloche from mothology (the second picture down on the right). i have no business buying outfits for my herbs, given that most of them are long gone, but these are sexy as hell - what sweet basil plant wouldn't flourish beneath such finery? also, i could sneak one onto joe's head as he sleeps.

fafarazzi.com, a "fantasy celebrity league;" earn points when your celebs spawn, overdose, try to sneak a gun through the airport, and so on. believe it or not, i'm probably too squeamish to take pleasure in doing well at something like this; i'd go for fantasy soap league instead (earn points when your characters are possessed by satan, &c), but that's joe's specialty.

the harry-est town in america, amazon's list of the folks who pre-order the most copies of harry potter and the deathly hallows. i am shocked, in all seriousness, that palo alto is not on this list. [okay, shocked when i first started this post. it's getting up there now.]

sweet deliverance, a community-supported agriculture distributor ("You can also sign up for fresh flowers [zinnias, snapdragons, sunflowers], eggs, dairy, and cheese"). i lunged at this - a green market at our door! - before i realized that the food is prepared as well as selected for you. alas, we can't spend $250/wk (!) for fancy organic food; this sure makes the people who spend $40/day on zone chefs food look like suckers, though.

white lion babies, not to be confused with the other kind.

the new york times loves the future perfect. i admit that i feel terribly superior for having owned two jason miller pieces ("i was here" tables) since '03.

learning to love you more, the book! both jen and i got e-mails about being considered for publication, but mine (which arrived yesterday) had a note about dpi; sadly, my documentation might not be clear enough for reproduction. this is what i get for being too chicken to upload huge files (and for deleting old photos from my camera). ironically, i had the same problem a day earlier, when an nyc lesbian lifestyle magazine wanted to use my photo of water taxi beach (warning: no lesbians in picture, probably). boo.

personal news, other than the work-life-eating? at a dinner party last night, i sat across from a woman who had an affair with brando. she also performed with a heap of jazz greats, and had fantastic stories that involved things like staying up all night in a crappy west side hotel rehearsing with duke ellington as the cleaning people vacuumed the empty corridors. okay, that's not really personal news, but damn was she cool.

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