brain dump 002 [04.07-05.07]

anthony lane's spider-man 3 review. not sure when anthony lane took over for pauline kael as my new yorker critic of choice, but he kills me. on tobey maguire: "Dumbest of all is the change of hair style, as Peter stops combing his bangs sideways and lets them flop down over his brow. He looks like the bronze medalist in a teen-age Hitler-impersonation contest."

two zesty clips via cute overload, a site that usually focuses on tiny toes and hamster tongues:* an '06 championship dressage routine (beautiful if you're into equestrian events, worth it - if you aren't - for the way the rider hugs his horse at the end**) and (the) private life of a cat. a 22-minute, maya deren-produced film of a mum bearing and raising her kittens. the latter, i think, is what i'd project on the wall if i ran an arty bar - leavened with an occasional meshes of the afternoon showing.

'artie' the artichoke, scottsdale community college's mascot. i discovered him in a random craft search, but joe and artie go way back, since they're both from arizona. scc shirt acquisition is underway.

why i want to own an apartment, part 332: so that i can hang sinister old skool wallpaper, which would be way too expensive and self-indulgent in a rental. i'm particularly fond of "bat and poppy," "rook and holly," and "whoot," but $7/foot - yeow!

new york city pervasive smell of the day: cheddy brats, these hickory farm sausages my mum would pick up at the mall and bring home to make for dinner. when you sliced into one, it would bleed cheese; disturbing, but delicious. side note: does anyone else remember the weird meat lollipops sold in front of hickory farms? they were all over the place in the '80s. i miss our weird old mall.

*note that i'm not sneering at the regular content; on the contrary, baby animals heal my soul when i overdose on gawker.

**full disclosure: the hug made me cry.

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