101 in 1001: 059 score at least 3 bylines in national magazines (mine counts) [completed 02.07.07]
i'm calling this one - the issue itself won't be on newsstands until the middle of next month, but damn it, i worked my ass off on those three pieces (and am armpit-deep in three or four more and the march issue close at casa de ladymag, hence the total lack of recent posts). i'm glad that i included the bit about counting work for my own magazine, as i've decided that i need an enormous clip stack before i peddle my wares all over town. some of the work was satisfying, some of it was frustrating as hell, and some of it is barely recognizable as mine, but i'm getting better about pitching with confidence and tolerating others' tweaks. said clip stack will be getting a lot bigger over the next year or so: the higher-ups have tapped me to shape our quasi-political content* leading up to the '08 elections, so i will be dragging the husband into my den of excessive alliteration for expert advice whenever possible. i don't know that he realizes quite how often i plan on doing this. i feel a little sorry for him. i should probably also mention that, if you have ovaries and beefs with the government (and don't live in the tri-state area), i will be hunting you down and forcing you to chat with me for one of these articles. there will probably be photos involved; you've been warned.

*what quasi-political content? that's where i come in, you see.

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wabes said...

from one work-buried girl to another...

woot! congratulations!

(we keep it short & sweet.)