the dirty dozen, october doldrums edition [part 2]:

005 look, ma, i'm * in rolling stone ** ! savor it: something tells me it's my first and last appearance.

006 i feel i've mentioned before that i don't know how housing etiquette works in the non-dorm world (can you curse out the window if neighbor guy won't turn his alarm off on the weekend? what about banging a shoe on the ceiling?). it's still true: the missus and i were jolted awake at three thirty this morning by someone buzzing the doorbell, over and over and over again, and i blanked on the appropriate adult response. at a normal hour, i'd get on the intercom and - provided my perky wifey "hello?" yielded a response other than "i'm coming to kill you with a cheese grater" - let the buzzer in (everyone deserves a hand when they forget their keys). at three thirty, i don't answer at all and fantasize about dropping an egg from the window. in my defense, the late night buzzers usually are cheese grater psychos who don't answer; the plaza across the street summons them in droves.

007 i have a theory, and it is that joe and i should go to montreal. we'll have neither the money nor the vacation time to get this done until, oh, spring if we're lucky, but i fancy having a trip to anticipate - and i have all of these planning muscles, see, from throwing together the handy dandy overseas wedding. it would be criminal to let those atrophy. the travel sites tell me that the cheapest flights to the area are actually to burlington, vermont, which seems a bit odd; if any of you have insider tips on visiting the canadians (or access to a giant slingshot), dear readers, do let me know.

008 [honorary] mischa barton quote of the day:
Karl Lagerfeld's amazing. We have so many of the same thoughts and we teach each other something new all the time.

- Lindsay Lohan (via popbitch)


**('s blogged excerpts of mountain man dance moves)


bassett h-q said...

Burlington's a sucker bet. You'd have to rent a car to get up to Montreal, you know. Taking a train direct to Montreal is cheaper, and would take, maybe, only a hour or two more.

bassett h-q said...

(This is not to say, however, that a trip to Vermont in and of itself would be bad, in the spring time.)

lauren said...

i like the train idea, but the adirondack line appears to take all day from nyc, and we don't get all that much vacation time...can't decide if i want to spend it in transit (even very pretty transit).

in train news, i saw a travel program a few weeks ago on the american orient express, which appears to suck. i've always wanted to ride the actual orient express, you see, and pretend i'm an international woman of mystery; somehow debarking in utah was never a part of that.