discussion of the preposterousness of various 101 in 1001 list items (the lottery and casino ones, for example) is having a fascinating effect on the likelihood of my accomplishing them. i bitched in october about 012 write (publish) a mcsweeney's list, and wouldn't you know -
sorry we haven't gotten back to you about this--it's probably going to run in our Book of Lists, which'll be out sometime next year. We'll let you know for sure soon.
hot shit! i don't think it'll happen, of course, which is what one must say to counter-jinx the jinx of talking about it at all. i have, however, hidden the list they liked - just in case.*

v-day 10. the serious newly vegan hunger pangs have subsided, though there was a mini-breakdown last night involving the scarfing of month-old clementines; this i blame on my first trip to the gym in a really, really long time. i've officially lost the ability to eat the aforementioned vegan chicken salad (child: how many days does it take to trigger one's gag reflex with faux chicken and vegennaise? lauren-owl: one, two, three [bleeargh!]. three.), but i've discovered the wonder that is the local better burger. it ain't cheap, but it ain't bad.

*i should also, of course, credit pica and her undercover valencia street activities for this positive development. i think dave eggers & co know better than to get on her bad side.


bassett h-q said...

VO: "How many vegans will have the strength to take over the planet? The world may never know."

sara said...

congrats~ your name in print yet again! we shall know lauren's velocity!

eric said...

but according to the uncertainty principle then we would never know lauren's location :-(

anonymous said...

what's the list?

lauren said...

the one about tits.