according to the welsh, today is the most depressing day of the year. the factors in their calculations (holiday debt, crap weather, broken new year's resolutions, and so on) are solid enough, but let's remember the biggie: it's mischa barton's birthday.

mischa barton quote of the day:
"A friend once said to me that it's a big world and a lot of stuff happens, which really stuck with me because it's true."

(aussie cosmo, fall '05)


erin mc said...

hey, long time, no speak!
mischa barton sounds like a syndrome. her name does, too... ow!

juliak said...

i just ejected spittle on myself. damn you, lmo, and damn mischa barton's truth.

sara said...

bad day? um, i suppose it was for me between the hours of 1am-5am, because I was writing a paper. after that, it just got better!

bassett h-q said...

Now look it. I feel sorry for Mischa. If this is the most memorable/useful thing a friend has ever said to her... yikes.

PS&BTW: I may be getting on this train late, and my pop culture skills are for crap, but who the hell is Mischa Barton?

lauren said...

Mischa Barton saw Deagol find the One Ring on the banks of the Anduin. Dazzled by the bright of gold, Mischa demanded the Ring from Deagol as a birthday gift. When Deagol refused to give her the ring, Mischa killed her friend, hid his body, and took the One Ring.


mischa barton is marissa cooper on the OC, and was the barfing ghost in the sixth sense. at 20, she has yet to develop the full-fledged faux gravitas and sex-appeal-that-kinda-gives-your-eyes-herpes of sharon stone, my other favorite quotable celeb - but i think she'll get there over the next decade.

the sharon stone quote of the day, incidentally, is "tom waits is the humphrey bogart of music."

enjelani said...

my personal favorite is a friend of Kate Moss, on why she was with Pete Doherty:

"'He's much taller than you imagine, and he has buckets of charisma,' she says. 'She was probably attracted to that, because she's not a dumb model.'" - Vanity Fair, July '05