v-day 23. thank god for cigarettes. after three solid weeks of cruelty-free eating and nearly two of being an amateur gym bunny (i'm not mainlining protein powder or anything, but i've been jogging 2-3 miles every few days), i'm starting to lose my sense of self; the lung darts are my proof that i'm still in no danger of being a good person. they're also the vice crutch for the next seven months of treehuggin' fun, as i've decided to extend the vegan tour of duty through our august wedding. prenuptial masochism hey!

speaking of masochism, i'm three hundred pages into bill clinton's my life. my favorite digression thus far is his paragraph on wade davis and the ethnobiology of haitian zombies (in brief, they're created with the tetrodotoxin found in puffer fish). zombies in presidential memoirs: i love america.

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sara said...

you're forsaking CHEESE????? holy COW!