101 in 1001: 005 sell handmade (by me) goods at a craft show [in progress]
pack your bags for ohio, beanie koi: i got an acceptance note today for plush rush (online and) at acme art company's holidaze this christmas. the profit margin is low-to-nonexistent here, given the terms of submission: i'm sending 3 pieces, paying for shipping, and forking over 40% of their purchase prices if they sell. that said, they'll get some nice online exposure, i'll have commercial experience to flaunt in future pitches, and (most importantly) i have a time-sensitive reason to figure out presentation and pricing. hang tags are a given, but i'm on the fence about going complicated-cutesy (take-out boxes, inflated pet store fishie bags, something else?). have a look at the three travelers (a, b, c) - what fripperies could make you want to buy them? how much should i ask for each one?

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sara said...

i like the idea of fishie bags or take out boxes. the bags are more economical though.
pricing? have you polled the getcrafty folks? they may be better than the average consumer on that one.
they're not toys...erm...$20? sorry if that is low-balling. i don't know how much time you spent or how much materials cost. fishie bags with blue or green shredded paper at the bottom (like water).
nice going!