if the city is on high alert for terrorist activity, upper midtown hasn't gotten the memo - the security guard at my bank of elevators has a new metal detector, but he uses it to scratch his bum more than anything else. The Company made me post bloomberg's info on their site - shockingly, i still have administrative access to the corporate portal and the tool that sends blast mail to all 20,000 minions - but in practice their safety protocols consist of showing us the stairwells and counting drunkenly over the public address system. i am less than concerned about explosions. i am very concerned about whether or not the ambiguously gay duo will beat bush and cheney, however, and donated $25 (don't sniff, i'm unemployed) to the kerry campaign yesterday. it made me feel better about being stuck in office purgatory. speaking of, it sure is fun to poke around on the FEC website. who knew hollywood was secretly supporting kucinich in the democratic primaries?

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