i should be awake and perky when mars is closest to the west coast tonight - 1:53 PST, i think? for years i was annoyed at my inability to sleep and eat at appropriate times without friends around for cues - bedtime was eleven this morning, and i had a popsicle and an egg for lunch at eight - but if i hadn't been drinking coffee in front of the six o'clock news, i wouldn't know that i should be stargazing in a few hours. and no lines at the grocery store, hey.

when repacking joe's old pants loses its magic, i've been stitching debbie harry's nostrils. decided i needed a hobby that would yield something comfy for the apartment, and i'm too clumsy to knit, so needlepoint it is. i blew up and photoshopped an old blondie photo, bought a bunch of green yarn and strange tools from the people at 'the fuzzy penguin,' and have spent like twenty hours sewing and listening to NPR. addictive stuff, that. the next project will be a big yucky bug, or joe strummer.
Star light, star bright... we look up and we hope the stars look down, we pray that there may be stars for us to follow, stars moving across the heavens and leading us to our destiny, but it's only our vanity. We look at the galaxy and fall in love, but the universe cares less about us than we do about it, and the stars stay in their courses however much we may wish upon them to do otherwise. It's true that if you watch the sky-wheel turn for a while you'll see a meteor fall, flame and die. That's not a star worth following; it's just an unlucky rock. Our fates are here on earth. There are no guiding stars.

(salman rushdie, the moor's last sigh)

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