ITEM! The Corporation has been making noises about creating a permanent position for me. i'm not worried about jinxing myself by discussing it - in fact, i'd welcome some, nay any sort of resolution. at this point i would, in fact, sell out: it's so darn nice to be in a city with lots of friendly locals, so darn nice to buy food with cash. also, with apologies to jeng and enjelani, i confess that i love wearing nylons.

ITEM! so we're trying to move to the city. joe has become the unofficial brooklyn broker, and i in turn pimp the upper east side. we were both infatuated with lofts in war-torn williamsburg, but who has the furniture to fill those things? who has the cash to ship furniture from san francisco to even sort of fill those things?

ITEM! we need a $15 couch.

ITEM! screw you, hugh hefner, and your crazy fabulous library -

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