again with the sort of luck that makes me nervous. we've signed a lease on a one bedroom apartment that's five blocks / two avenues from my office, ten blocks from central park, two avenues from rockefeller center, a stone's throw from sarah and judd, and $250 below the rent we were afraid we'd pay. for neighbors we've an art gallery, a foo-foo pet store that shelters and fosters adoptions for homeless kittens, and a new age candle store that burns incense all day. clearly the apartment is haunted or cursed, but who would care at this point? the apparent catch is that we can't move in until 10 september, as the building manager is renovating the place. wait, that's good too.

so i'm going to come out in favor of apartment brokers. they can be bloodsucking weasels, but ours knocked off a sizable portion of the rent to absorb her fee. rah-rah-roo.

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