i've been on the subway 33 times since our move. something like half of those rides were to/from our peaceful apartment in the middle of nowhere, so i'd say i've spent about 20 hours peoplewatching. which breaks down to

- 3 spoken word recitals
- 1 a capella "the lion sleeps tonight"
- 2 fistfights
- 1 trip that began at night and ended at dawn
- 10 passengers who gave me directions

and one cute baby. elsewhere, it's been an extravaganza of cute babies - when our outgoing plane was stalled in south dakota, three pairs of wistful grandparents-to-be convinced parents to lend their infants for cuddling sessions. the older couples had grown children who refused to have kids of their own, they said. six tired people caught cat naps after giving their babies away; six misty-eyed people cooed and paced and traded sad looks. is that my mom on solo trips? thankful, so thankful for little sisters who plan to breed.

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