*02.04.02 mediocrity rules

joe gave me samuel johnson is indignant for christmas on saturday; i hadn't heard of it.

We know only four boring people. The rest of our friends we find very interesting. However, most of the friends we find interesting find us boring: the most interesting find us the most boring. The few who are somewhere in the middle, with whom there is reciprocal interest, we distrust: at any moment, we feel, they may become too interesting for us, or we too interesting for them.

(lydia davis)
twelve of 101 WAYS TO COPE WITH STRESS, a pet's rest refrigerator magnet from work:

- anticipate your needs
- avoid negative people
- avoid chemical aids
- repair anything that doesn't work properly
- visualize yourself winning
- tell someone to have a good day in pig latin
- don't know all the answers
- ask someone to be your "vent-partner"
- keep a journal
- quit trying to "fix" other people
- leave work early (with permission)
- practice a monster smile
he's now reading the playboy i spirited from the bathroom at the super bowl party yesterday. i'd never seen one before, not in an actual house.

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