*02.13.02 second hand living

commute radio fun fact: angus young's sister thought AC/DC would be a powerful name when she read it on her sewing machine. some people have ...to be happy about calendars; i have THE BONE. i've set mix tapes aside for a bit, as paul's is in danger of wearing out and joe's has a wrenching lyle lovett song about a guy who can't get over world war 2 and a chatty wife. i was about to complain that he should respect mixes' inevitable subtexts, but it's a fair swipe at poli sci / english couples. now that i think about it.

oh, so you karamazov people thought you'd slide a bit, eh? i was on schedule, damn your eyes! but i'm not bitter, not really. i'll post something obvious and then we'll all be comfortable enough to say small things. please.

let no one say that non-profits skimp on freebies. i have tuna-flavored toothpaste and you do not.

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