we erupted from asheville yesterday morning, barreled west to franklin and invented a parking space in a wooded copse, and followed the dark side of the moon* to a local brewery that'd opened at nine. ("people were already lining up, so we figured, hell.") i maintained our table while joe talked a food truck into some quesadillas, and the older couple next to me turned around to say hello. they were silent partners at the brewery and spent half the year down in florida. i told them i volunteered at a wildlife rehab center. "one time a big pelican landed in our backyard and flopped over on his side. he looked terrible! i called the local folks and they said, 'oh, don't worry. he just ate too many fish and got tired, he'll get up on his own after a while.' and he did!"

*that segued into a lot of tom petty, which...fair play?

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LPC said...

I supposed I'd consent to Tom Petty if I got an eclipse in return.