conversations with doctor omnibus {omnibus without borders}

there are at least three DO NOT TOUCH signs on the bookshelf in doc omnibus's shared reception area. the half-empty shelves against the back wall of his office are strewn with off-brand comic books about spiders and tsunami evacuation pamphlets. as of next year i'll have been seeing him for a decade.

doc: you'd have been a good lawyer.
LMO: [laughing] my dad used to say that.
doc: this is what i'm talking about!

doc: you're the parent.

doc: do you hate your kids sometimes, sure, but you don't tell them that.

doc: you decide what comes out of your mouth.

doc: you're too permeable.

doc: you need to decide what you want to do and do it regardless of how you feel about it.

doc: you're finally old enough.

doc: [rifling through papers] i can't find anything, this is your fault.
LMO: i know, i figured.

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