airbnb stays: 4

babies born to our hosts or their close friends during our stay: 2 (austin, TX; chicago, IL)

beach days: 3 (reef point, CA; sullivan's island, SC; folly beach, SC)

books finished: 2 (a clash of kings, george r.r. martin; rats: observations on the history and habitat of the city's most unwanted inhabitants, robert sullivan)

favorite stop: marfa, TX

favorite third-party observation: "your skeleton is glowing." - brielle, 7 (phoenix, AZ)

fireworks spending: $12

ghost tours: 1 (charleston, SC)

least favorite stop: austin, TX(!)

lightning storms: 5

miles driven: 4,000

movie nights: 2 (showgirls @ cinespia; me and earl and the dying girl @ alamo drafthouse)

museum visits: 4 geffen contemporary at moca, CA; chinati foundation, TX; sixth floor museum, TX; johnny cash museum, TN)

pocket squares purchased: 3

times the car has stalled: ~12 ...on the highway: ~5

uber drivers who turned off their meters and took us somewhere else they figured we'd like: 2 (nashville, TN; asheville, NC)

writing assignments filed from the road: 2

*we're still on the road, mind you; this is an anniversary tally, as we've been at it for a month.


lauren said...

$2 bills that ended up covered in chocolate at the bottom of my purse: 1-2(!)

LPC said...

No bat tally?

lauren said...

don't believe sesame street: they are hard to count. 100 in austin, 50 in charleston?

Anonymous said...

What about this category:

Favorite meals with hot mess of a toddler

lauren said...

(nashville, TN)