ROAD TRIP UPDATE: VII {18:15, somewhere in arkansas}

we made it all the way to arkadelphia before encountering restroom sketchiness, which is impressive from several angles: we've been on the road in earnest since we left california last wednesday, we average two gas station stops each day, and we concluded joe's birthday last night with $10 death in the afternoons at a steampunk bar screening episodes of the golden girls. the swampy situation in that shell station just now made me feel, if i'm being honest, that this cross-country thing is well and truly underway.

a long-haired guy with a handlebar mustache was smoking on the steps of our dallas hotel as i carried luggage (and, okay, fireworks) from our room to the car this morning. "zat yer beemer?" "it is!" i said. he smiled: "that's so fuckin' cool."

we bought a bunch of arty cheese in marfa on saturday when it looked like we wouldn't be able to convince anyone to make us dinner; after lucking out and inheriting someone's reservation at a restaurant down the street, we packed the cheese in a little foam stripes cooler and have been chauffeuring it across texas. tonight could be cheese night, as we'll arrive at our mississippi shack long after the local barbecue we couldn't eat anyway has found a cooler of its own for the evening. this is fitting, i think: if robert clay (the father of seven who made moonshine in our shack) is to drag us back to the afterlife with him, we should go full of cambozola.


LPC said...

Just don't look back or Joe will turn into a pillar of mild cheddar.

lauren said...

no one wants mild cheddar, man. or mild cheddar-man.

Rachel said...

I'm living vicariously through you this summer. This road trip is amazing.

But if you tell me you won't be back in NYC by the first week of August, I might cry and/or decide the universe is keeping us apart for a really good reason this year (maybe something will implode if we meet up in 2015?).

lauren said...

we will be back in nyc by the first week of august! we're having a get-together to watch the first republican debate, in fact - bring projectiles!