conversations with doctor omnibus* {better living through chemistry edition}

doc: anything new?
LMO: well, i got laid off!
doc: that's a good thing.
LMO: i mean, i think so.


doc: why wouldn't i be comfortable with xanax?
LMO: i have friends whose doctors are uncomfortable with prescribing it.
doc: are you comfortable with vulgarity?
LMO: sure.
doc: fuck 'em.

*he might be eighty now.


LPC said...

I rather like your doctor.

I use Xanax but only for flying. It's a party in the sky, that's for sure;).

lauren said...

he's convinced the government hates xanax because they haven't figured out how to tax it like alcohol. i don't use xanax for much of anything, all told, but i like to know where we stand on these things.

Rachel said...

Xanax is great except it makes me fall asleep immediately. Like, within 5 minutes of swallowing it, no matter where I am. Apparently this isn't standard, so my doctor's theory is that I'm sleep deprived and just waiting for something to force me to stop thinking so much.

cara said...

I thought that American doctors would prescribe you anything that you pay for? I figured that was the trade off for privatised healthcare.