i ate pizza at a chinese restaurant.
i finished the girls from corona del mar.
i poured fireball into a dunkin’ donuts coffee and drank it in front of the literature/needlecraft holiday window at bergdorf's.
i told my sister not to have a baby because the apocalypse is coming and it’s our fault.
my sister told me “the terrible ‘blank space’ song that’s always on at fine fare” is, in fact, taylor swift.
i ran 3.1 miles.
i bought 6 pouches of cat food.
i sneezed 8 times in under a minute.
i called my mom.


lauren said...

the fireball was not my idea.

LPC said...

But the pizza at the Chinese restaurant was?

lauren said...

ha, no, that was joe's - but it was at mission chinese, with fermented dough, and pretty tasty, i must say.

Laramie said...

i was pretty sick of years in review, but this is a good one !

Rachel said...

agreed with laramie, even if i'm way too late to even comment at this point. best year wrap up on the blogs.