streams at deildartunguhver

i flew home from iceland on tuesday morning just before another flurry of earthquakes turned the aviation alert orange. i don't really want bárðarbunga to erupt and flatten the tourism industry again, but i wouldn't have minded being stuck in reykjavik for a while.

teach yourself icelandic

mér er kalt á fótunum, i have cold feet
á laun, in secret
jafna sig, steady oneself
vera i goðu skapi, to be in good spirits
innst í hjarta sínu, in his innermost heart
hábúar (colloq.), "air-dwellings"


Rachel said...

Breathtaking shot!

We will hear more about this trip, yes? I'm hoping for gratuitous licorice shots.

lauren said...

definitely. and i'll be bringing more dentally-catastrophic licorice to LA next month.

Rachel said...

Be still my heart! The best candy always comes with some risk.