from my balcony on maui

i'd been working on a second post about my trip to hawaii, but i realized somewhere around the catholic church on my walk to the subway this morning that i need to write a poem about it? as the F train rumbled up i pulled out the little muji notebook in my giant mom-purse and discovered a rumpled piece of hotel stationery covered with notes from my second night on maui, maybe ten flights below where i took this photo. being forgetful is both a pain in the ass and occasionally quite exciting. i took a few more pages of notes.


lauren said...

one would think i could end sentences about writing poetry without uptalking? it's been a long time, though.

LPC said...

Took me several looks to see that was a luau below, and all the better for the mystery.

Poetry and I don't get along. Good news, I won't be cluttering up your comment line if you post any:). Naught to do with you, just the genre.


lauren said...

even worse: i'm talking about poetry for print?