mandarin votive

in recent news of things i've set on fire, i can report that erin's* instant citrus votive project works and is amazing; i can now work my way through the huge bottle of canola oil i once bought to make a red velvet cake or something, and i have an ongoing excuse to buy handfuls of the satsumas and mandarins everyone else ignores in the office cafeteria. my one addendum to her instructions would be the observation that i probably should have extinguished the flame when the oil first ran out and the wick started to sizzle; instead i let the peel catch on fire (o pungent conclusion!). a capital trick, this.

*not to be confused with erin of the marvelous wildlife rehabilitation. quite nice to have multiple helpful erins about, i must say.


Erin of the Wildlife said...

Oh. That looks wonderful.

LPC said...

That is really beautiful.

valya said...

Lovely! Now I'm bummed I chucked the old-ish canola oil I thought I'd never use. I bet coconut oil would smell fantastic, but that would be a pricey little candle.