arizona by iphone

joe and i failed to discourage occupation of the seat between us on monday night's extremely full redeye flight from phoenix to new york city—it is hard to look menacing and/or pestilential when one is simply an X on a plane diagram—and we both ended up in armrest turf skirmishes with our neighbor, a rather pushy gentleman. i eventually crossed my arms and fell asleep, so i didn't apply much of the constant, firm pressure that is my signature border control. joe, more wakeful, went for active defense via sharp jabs. who maintains their territory with open hostility like that? it never ends well.


uncle paul said...

When flying out of Phoenix a well-placed barrel cactus makes good armrest defense, if you can get it past TSA.

lauren said...

i KNEW i should've liberated something from that closed outdoor mall in scottsdale.

LPC said...

I just resign myself to losing and mutter under my breath.