1: Yo, Miss Thing!
2: Yo Merisa, what's up?
1: You heard what happened at the Donut Hill the other night? - Yo I was there and those De La kids was fighting, yo they was wildin'.
2: Word man?
1: Word, the whole thing happened in front of my face, yo, they was on the dance floor, right, some kid stepped up to them and said something about hippies, then punks, and the chubby one, Plug Three?
2: Yeah. Plug Three, yeah I know him.
1: All right, Plug Three, all right, he walked up to this kid, hit him real quick, think he didn't when he did, and then them other kids the Jungle Brothers and Quest and, um, what's the other ones, the other ones?
2: The Violators.
1: The Violators, right, right, throwing chairs, and they didn't care who they was hitting, you think they wasn't?
2: Yeah. I know, I thought it was supposed to be about peace signs, things like that, you know...

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