multigenerational text messages {sweet tooth edition}

LMO: licorice in a cart otherwise full of vegetables. why did you curse me?
dad: Curse? It is a gift, and if you are around for the end of the wor
dad: ld or anything else comparably important, I guarantee you it will
dad: come in handy -- could even save a civilization or two. Just be s
dad: ure to check back with me when that happens, and I will share a fe
dad: w more secrets with you.


anonymous said...

He's right - black licorice is much more apocalypse friendly than vegetables. All that bulk to tote around, so few calories. 

jamie said...

so good.

tanthalas said...

your dad should totally use twitter and post like that.  would love love it.

(p.s. hi! sorry for dropping off the radar, but catching up on your blog now is like unwrapping a whole series of presents!)

kidchamp said...

i'm so glad to see you again, C! hope for more of you soon and often.