joe and his new iphone are a cavalier and his horse: they gallop through battle as one and then find the best pizza nearby, or something. i, on the other hand, have downloaded but a single app and have managed to coat my device with a thin film of absinthe-scented beeswax (one must wash one's hands after applying lip balm and prior to setting one's alarm clock, it seems). that said, i will grudgingly admit that it's now super-easy to take photos of garbage (and i dearly love taking photos of garbage). i will give you that and only that, robot overlords.

grand street (4 of 4)

grand street (3 of 4)

grand street (1 of 4)

grand street (2 of 4)


anonymous said...

i'm also a fan of shooting garbage.


rachel (heart of light) said...

it is a slow transition, but i've been helped along with twitter, maps (although d finally insisted that we throw out our thomas guide, which was slightly traumatic - what will we do in the apocalypse?) and the ability to photograph or videotape on a whim. oh, and pandora, but you have already had to hear about that. 

it is a finicky friend, though. i spilled water on it last night and lost some sound for a few hours. when you consider that my old cell phone had been dropped in the sink, thrown off a moving treadmill, split apart on the cement multiple times and never required a cover, well, the iphone is a serious sissy.

Rob S. Parham said...

You take great garbage photos.

kidchamp said...

thanks! i work out.

kidchamp said...

this is what i hear re: durability, too; i had planned on hemming and hawing over a case via internet research, but the gal at the store (and a friend who'd broken her iphone's screen in seventy-five different places) convinced me that it would be best to apply one to ye phone AS SOON AS WAS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. it is also possible that i wanted an excuse to purchase the garish leopard-print model, who can say. 

jamie said...

well, she does have the perfect tool for it.

jamie said...

i miss paper maps SO MUCH.