07.13.11: {cibo matto @ brooklyn bowl}

brooklyn bowl ceiling

In Bowling Alleys
1. At least sixty seconds of "Know Your Chicken" shall be recorded for beloved roommates.
2. One shall jump up and down and up and down.

{setlist, jumping here}


Wabes said...

Even after the loooong schlep home, I was still grinning.

gracie o said...

my friend was there! (and lots of other people, i'm sure.)

kidchamp said...

it wasn't as slammed as i'd thought it would be, actually; good from a not-being-on-the-hipster-superhighway perspective, less so in a i-want-them-to-have-lots-of-money way, you know?

jamie said...

"cibo matto can CLOG dance?"

kidchamp said...

at least three hipsters turned into vampires when they played "sugar water."