02.07.11: the dirty dozen {twelve places in nyc at/in which i would eat mexican food}

patty's tacos (b/w) - visible

01 tehuitzingo deli & grocery, hell's kitchen (taco counter at the back of a grocery store)
02 tulcingo del valle, hell's kitchen (no-frills decor, puebla-style eats)
03 taco chulo, williamsburg (best quesadilla on the planet, as god is my witness)
04 los feliz, lower east side (fine hibiscus tacos, competitively priced mezcal)
05 casa mezcal, lower east side (homestyle oaxacan)
06 la esquina, soho (scene-y but solid)
07 cascabel taqueria, upper east side (casual, delectably spicy)
08 patty's tacos, upper east side (the little truck that could)
09 rockaway taco, rockaway beach (beach-hippie at its most earnest)
10 los dos molinos, gramercy (AZ mex, gone but not forgotten)
11 el paso, upper east side (comfort food)
12 my apartment


Amid Privilege said...

And I had carnitas for lunch at a taco dive in Redwood City. Do I get a niener nierner here?

kidchamp said...

depends on which one it was, of course. (related: dude, burrito real in mountain view closed! you turn your back for a minute, and - )

Amanda said...

Rockaway Taco, I salute thee. Come to think of it, I salute your apartment as well, L.

Celia said...

genius post. every time someone suggests mexican when i'm in ny, i just roll my eyes. must try a few of these though. ;)

kidchamp said...

don't get me wrong, C - they all have an east coast issue or two (except perhaps taco chulo, which is very nearly perfect). that said, they are all more than serviceable if your taco tank is on empty and you'd rather be kicked in the face than walk into a chipotle. 

A, you are to be commended for introducing me to beach tacos, particularly as they were shark-drawing-adjacent.

all: note that there is no connection between a dirty dozen about mexican food and the fact that i split my jeggings yesterday. god, i can't believe that phrase applies to me. 

naurnie said...

i should like to eat mexican with you in the city. 

jamie said...

i will take one of each right now please.

rachel (heart of light) said...

Will file this away, in case we are in NY for long enough to require a taco fix. Normally I just abstain until back at home, but extended periods of time are tough.

jamie said...

bowie! booooowwwwwiiiieeee!