plans for the indie-coming-of-age-movie-shared-house-in-connecticut thing continue apace.
Re: CT trip update
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BTW, as a side note, it seems like one of the bedrooms is an attic room--so maybe we shouldn't worry too much about an extra couple and just be happy no one has to sleep in the attic?

Re: CT trip update
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i propose we use the attic as a jail.

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Re: CT trip update
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maybe one of us would LIKE the attic room. you know, theoretically.

Re: CT trip update
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i was just gonna say - broadly speaking, i like attics.

Re: CT trip update
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also i bought a backgammon set.


LPC said...


jamie said...

are you 5?

did you buy the set *for* the trip? cause i was gonna suggest bringing board games. but then i dont think i did.

kidchamp said...

ha, jamie - at first i thought you meant, "are you five years old?" and was going to argue that backgammon is secretly amazing. yes, i bought the set for the trip. 

i'm 2. 

rachel (heart of light) said...

i was going to guess 5 too! is number 5 secretly someone very similar to you?

backgammon used to our standard summer trip game, now i'm not sure i would know what to do if confronted with a set. should re-learn it.

esb said...

your blog requires my whole brain. not sure how i feel about that.

Amanda said...

MAN. I thought you were five too. It was the "broadly speaking" that did it.

Amanda said...

p.s. Play this game more often.

kidchamp said...

oh, that's amusing. i hope 4 reads this so i can ask him if he thinks i'm like 5.

okay, extending the game. of the non-me folks in this post...

- one is from new jersey and can build anything
- one is from california and this is his shirt
- one is from maine and edited this book
- one is from louisiana and sang half of this duet

any guesses?

g said...

i think that the phrase "broadly speaking, i like attics" is a very lauren thing to say.  broadly speaking.

half of your description of me isn't entirely accurate.  i cannot build a rock that is so heavy that tom waits is unable to sing a depressing song about it.

leroy said...

this is a strange and unexpected phenomenon

enjelani said...

i think i would've pegged lmo as 2, given the word "propose" and the elegantly simple complete sentence.  but that's after knowing the answer, so.

g, i didn't know you could build anything short of a untomwaitsable rock. oh, the wonders hiding in plain sight.