we leave for CT on thursday night after the belle & sebastian show. menu planning has been impressively nuanced.
Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 1

[This Message Brought to You by the Producers of Hot-Dog Fest 2010 and That Queso is So Spicy, along with Event Sponsor: Monkey Nuts ™]

Dear Friends,

4 and I have collaborated to create a menu for the Connecticut weekend. In the spirit of:

a) Being prepared to feed 9 people
b) Having a Santana-smooth time
c) Indulging my zest for planning ahead

I offer you THE MENU, below. For additional ease, there are questions at the end which, when answered, will enable 4 and I to create THE SHOPPING LIST. Which will then enable us to:

d) Be prepared to feed 9 people
e) Have a Santana-smooth time
f) Indulge my zest for planning ahead


Yours in Efficiency,

Re: Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 2

bagel preference: none
cream cheese preferences: plain or jalapeno
salmon consumption: kodiak bear

Re: Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 3

So far only a request for Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (a personal favorite of mine anyway). I think B&J’s is probably the way I will be going plus a vanilla of some sort. Chubby Hubby is a favorite of mine. And if people don’t care about toppings, I’ll just get lots of fun things like… chocolate sauce, cool whip (or do people like “real” whipped cream?), cherries, chopped peanuts, sprinkles and the blood of a Christian baby. Suggestions are welcome.

Re: Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 4

i favor coffee heath bar crunch, blood orange sorbet, and bitter tears; while i wouldn't dream of making sartorial decisions for others, i would note in passing that amassing said ice cream while wearing, say, a seersucker suit could result in the best photo shoot ever.

Re: Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 3

I had an Ice Cream Jones costume on hold, but now that the surprise is ruined, forget it!

Re: Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 4

i still want bitter tears.

Re: Do you want to go hungry? I thought not.
From: 1

Didn't you paint your bedroom that color?


Amanda said...


esb said...

1 = lauren. obviously.

babyjo said...

liking blood orange and bitter tears is genetic.

rachel (heart of light) said...

I am torn between 1 and 4 for you. Leaning slightly towards 4 because I can't imagine you being one of the producers of hot dog fest 2010. Oh wait, maybe that rules out 4 as well.  This is like one of those brain questions.

kidchamp said...

4 it is - while i have hosted hot dog events of my own (oh hush), Hot Dog Fest was 1's doing (she actually owns one of those multi-vessel ballpark warming trays; it's sublime, in the traditional sense), and queso was mine. true, brother b, blood orange and bitter tears are in the genes.

rachel (heart of light) said...

Wait, I clearly have preconceived ideas about meat and vegetarians that are incorrect.
Hot dogs = why you become vegetarian
Bacon = the most compelling reason to stop being vegetarian

Note that I love both bacon and hotdogs and was a very unsuccessful vegetarian.

Also, now I'm wondering if you had vegetarian hot dogs at this event, because I find them emotionally traumatizing. My dad used to try to trick us into eating them (on Roman Meal buns, to add insult to injury) and it was terrible. Although that was over 20 years ago and I'm sure fake meat has come a long way. I know whole grains have.

kidchamp said...

actually, one could argue that it's easier to approximate a hot dog without meat than it is to approximate, say, jerky without meat; i mean, the median meat content for hot dogs hovers around 5%. i haven't eaten a real hot dog in so long that i'd hardly know the difference, anyway. long story short, we did have the fake ones, and i ate them with gusto. i have a tin palate.

weird side note: joe and i were a few hours away from throwing a hot dog party* on a friday last summer when our food editor showed up at the office with several hundred (real) hot dogs and encouraged everyone to take them home. i confused the hell out of her when i took several packages, as everyone knows i'm the office veg.

*joe and many of our friends are meat enthusiasts, and we all like little kid food, especially when we're feeling poor.

rachel (heart of light) said...

Yes, I suppose that makes sense. The low meat content is the skeevy part of hot dogs, to me. (Although this in no way discourages me from eating them - I'm just really weird about what brands I'm comfortable buying). For a moment here I felt slightly tempted to try the new and very likely improved veggie hot dogs but I can't find a truly compelling reason to do it. Those 80s ones were scary.

g said...

half of the free hot dogs at that party were excellent, the other half were... weird.

also weird: joe insisting on running around without any pants, whilst shouting "HOT DOG PARTY WOO!"

okay, that may not have happened.  i maintain that it would've been weird if it had.

i wrote "weird" too many times in this comment.

Celia said...

i'm going to take this meat conversation one step further, and publicly admit that i very much enjoy spam.