weekend project the second was rehabbing a frame for the hand-printed ac newman poster i bought from nate duval at last year's renegade craft fair (and rolled up and hid in assorted closets for the next year). last sunday i finally bought an old 18"x24" piece (with glass! i like to fix things, but i did not want to forage for and/or cut glass) from a garrulous woman in brooklyn who spent fifteen minutes telling me about the cats in her barn. i might need to start lint rolling a bit more carefully before i leave the house.

rehabbed frame

the frame's main selling point was its dimensions, since the gesso was webbed with cracks and the joins weren't especially tight. i added new d-rings and hanging cable, sanded down the front a bit, gave the whole thing two coats of white paint, and finished it with polyurethane. you'll have to imagine the original finish, which was what i'll call "disconsolate umber."

rehabbed frame (detail)

it was blustery last week, so the frame took on airborne bits of the lower east side as it dried out on the balcony, which is alright with me. i sentimentalized the bubbles under the "boys don't cry" sticker on my volkswagen back in san francisco the same way; clinically smooth surfaces are nice and all, but i got to drive around with little pockets of the mission c. 2001 on my bumper. when one is in town one amuses oneself.


jamie said...

your crafting gusto is inspiring, as usual.

Amanda said...

Some of us would like to know what SORT of Volkswagen. That is what we would like to know.

kidchamp said...

a leetle white golf with a turbo engine. i loved him.

Amanda said...

Red beetle for me. Obv.
Followed by gray Jetta. (Also obv.)

rachel (heart of light) said...

Looks amazing. The super detailed carving is perfect with the white paint.