poker night at our house, kittens. in case my feelings about dancing weren't yet clear, our playlist:

01 gravel pit - wu-tang clan
02 tattoo - the who
03 i left my wallet in el segundo - a tribe called quest
04 a pillar of salt - the thermals
05 list of demands - saul williams
06 to be young - ryan adams
07 waitress in the sky - the replacements
08 music is my hot, hot sex - css
09 crosstown traffic - red hot chili peppers
10 lipgloss - pulp
11 life on mars? - david bowie
12 7 - prince & the new power generation
13 easy lover - phil collins and philip bailey
14 twin cinema - the new pornographers
15 kim & jessie - m83
16 going back to cali - ll cool j
17 you're not all that (feat. jessica darling) - the herbaliser
18 don't let him waste your time - jarvis cocker
19 evil - howlin' wolf
20 daddy's gone - glasvegas
21 white lightning - george jones
22 damaged goods - gang of four
23 evil will prevail - the flaming lips
24 pussy - brazilian girls
25 i need a moment alone - ezra reich
26 trees - dr. octagon
27 graveyard girl - m83
28 heavy metal drummer - wilco
29 ashes to ashes - david bowie
30 fish - the damned
31 baby's on fire - brian eno
32 i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - black kids
33 (i can't get no) satisfaction - cat power
34 wrong 'em boyo - the clash
35 neat neat neat - the damned
36 golden years - david bowie
37 one pure thought - hot chip
38 jealousy - liz phair
39 timebomb - old 97's
40 elevate me later - pavement
41 cocaine socialism - pulp
42 this is hardcore - pulp
43 street fighting man - the rolling stones
44 walking in the rain - the ronettes
45 bring it on home to me (live) - sam cooke
46 let's get blown - snoop dogg
47 two sides / monsieur valentine - spoon
48 vanessa from queens - stephen malkmus
49 no depression - uncle tupelo

J: "you're supposed to play happy songs."
L: "those are happy."


jamie said...

well done. well done.

can i come to poker night?

kidchamp said...

natch, and i won't even make you bring manray (though i won't stop you). 

east side bride said...

I just put "to be young" back on my workout playlist ;)

ESB said...

shit, I didn't change my login. THAT'S BETTER.

Amanda said...

Wu-Tang is for the children.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

I found all the ones I hadn’t heard (that is to say, most of them) on youtube (except for 25) and here are a few thoughts: (1) 4,5,13,17,32,40 and 49 all seem pretty great to me; (2) pace 8, when the girl kisses the bunny in the Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above video, it’s almost like everything Camus said was completely wrong; (3) pace 18, the criminal insanity in the music video is quite amusing; (4) pace 19, Willie Dixon’s Back Door Man is my favorite version; (5); pace 26, Blue Flowers is my joint; (6) pace 30/35, any mention of The Damned takes me back to reading Get in the Van in high school and listening to my two-cassette audio version; (7) pace 38, my friend thinks the Liz Phair self-titled album was brilliant satire on the prurient allure of ostensibly chaste teen pop stars (H.W.C. for example); (8) pace 46, hip hop seems like the agreeable crust of your playlist but one wonders about the absence of rap-enrichment (no 300 Bars and Runnin’, or Underwater Rimes?). And finally, was any of this conducive to quality poker?  Do you play Lindsay Crouse all night in your house of games, or, in regard to your original comment, and to paraphrase Suga Free, “Now Kidchamp don’t dance but she might tonight/and her guests can't leave until her money is right.”

kidchamp said...

as a snapshot of what joe and i play most often this would be misleading for a few reasons: i limited myself to what was on my ipod (ixnay on 4/5 of our CD collection, 100% of our vinyl), what the audience and occasion could handle (we had several soul fans, a few who wouldn't know what to do with shoegazer, and two who actively hate stephin merritt), and what i could play without incurring a joe veto (no throwing muses, belly, neko case, &c - i think bikini kill was OK, but that's not the kathleen hanna i'd bring to poker night).

08: that's precisely why i like CSS (i was going to include "let's make love" as well, and really should have). a friend described their bringing the iceland airwaves festival to its knees a few years ago and more or less cemented my need to favor them. 
18: almost everything jarvis cocker does amuses me. i had trouble for a year or so with "this is hardcore," but getting past it was deeply rewarding.
30/35: this isn't directly damned-related, but i went to a fantastic party full of stanford med students years ago at which the album on tap was the buzzcocks' singles going steady (jacob, i salute you). it's hard to describe the beautiful awkwardness of a knot of advanced degree candidates dealing with "orgasm addict" for the first time.
38: i sure hope you're right; "HWC" seemed to me like "flower"'s naughtier younger cousin (i always hated "flower"), and proof that liz phair is somehow the aughts' pornographic answer to elizabeth bathory. that said, i really wanted her to make the money she seemed to be angling for with "why can't i?" - and i do wish her well. the song i really wanted to play was "california" - my favorite liz phair by far - but i know the room would've hated it.   
46: that was partly a crowd thing and partly a non-ipod thing (why do we buy rap on vinyl, again?). that said, it's kind of unforgivable that i didn't dig out more dirt mcgirt.

once the list ran out, if memory serves, we ended up playing low, meat is murder, and the pains of being pure at heart.

on quality poker, oh my god, not for me. a poorly executed bluff sank me early, and i bought back in a few hours later and failed to notice that my 3 was in fact a 2; i went all in on a faux full house. stupid beer.