basement chandelier


joe, squinched


patty's tacos (b/w)

work has demanded a lot of head space lately, and i've done my best for the past week or so to shove it out of the way by overpreparing for our friend lesley's cocktail classic (particularly the gala on friday night). call me a girly girl and i'll punch you in the kisser, but it felt good to think about shoes and dresses for a change. for the record, a vintage scarf used for several years as a christmas tree skirt makes a fine shawl, prohibition chic has more to do with one's stance than one's fripperies, absinthe cocktails eventually love you back, and philip marlowe lives somewhere in the new york public library (my money's on the basement).

oh, and the flinty dame with the floor-length satin gown and the bag of tacos on the f train at one was me.

{full set here}


Amanda said...

Maybe he inhabits a corridor near the ghostly librarian with the excellent/terrifying card catalogue trick?


kidchamp said...

the stacks were a good place to be that night, i think: it was sweltering, and most rooms at street level and above weren't air conditioned. i sort of envied mother hendricks and her pavilion-skirt - o, for a breeze!

LPC said...

And you looked so glam.

Peonies said...

Whit whoo.  I love the third picture, it's kind of drunken, kind of glamorous, kind of creepy. 

jen said...

um, excuse me, no pictures of this floor-length satin gown of which you speak?? make with the dress! (the rest of the photos are awesome, by the way).

kidchamp said...

that's the trouble with being the only one with a camera (and no full-length mirror), man. i'm lucky to get a shoulder or my feet in the shot. fun fact, though: my backup shawl if i couldn't find the gold one was that black and gold tapestry i bought at that weird little antique place we found on the cowley road our first week in oxford. 

jamie said...

you new yorkers are so fancy. wait. it was SWELTERING? god. i don't remember the last time i was in a temperature i could describe that way.

i was wondering, does joe wear a suit for work like, every day?

kidchamp said...

yeah, big un-air-conditioned old building + bands and dancing and booze + 3000 people + pre-thunderstorm humidity...was pretty sweltering. i spent a lot of time next to that door with the snake handle, as it was one of the only open ones. 

joe wears a suit for big meetings and press conferences, but he can get away with slacks and a polo or an oxford most of the time. he went to the gala straight from work, as i recall.