what ho, internets! our first contingent of holiday visitors arrived on monday the twenty-first, and our last departed yesterday evening; the holiday fortnight was festive, to say the least.

day 144: woodside

{on our way home from a sripraphai feast with joe's parents}

joe, chris, decibel

{sake in the east village with my sister and her fiancé*}

day 148: amos, george, cari, and dan

{new year's eve in brooklyn}

social dance, cont'd.

{bowling with a live band}

jo at the back room

{wee hour drinks on the lower east side}

i'm not one to resolve things - not on specific occasions, anyway - but i did vow that i won't brunch in 2010. i'll also try to wear the boots i inherited from joe's dad (hey, having big feet paid off for once!) at least once a week.

*so cal wedding types, i apologize in advance for bombarding you with questions related to their OC shindig next year. per sis, they need a deejay who can mix kanye west with "dance magic."


Rachel (heart of light) said...

Looks amazing!
Annnnd.... you officially win the most awesome holiday card contest! D and I voted and we agree. Your Christmas postcards were so great.

kidchamp said...

you are too kind, R. i owe you one for holiday munchie inspiration, by the way: your lovely orangette photos tricked me into thinking i could actually make candy, too. and i can! it's very exciting. and gloppy and marvelous-smelling. 

jen said...

does this mean that i will have to brunch twice as much in 2010 to make up for your slackerness? because i'll step up...

Jamie said...

No brunching. Pffft.

Dance Magic! We *do* need to take over so cal. I was originally going to post that video, but then I became determined to post the owl, but gave up and just went with the man himself.

I only know of one wedding dj in socal, but it's the same one everyone knows. Seems up to the job, tho.

east side bride said...

wear the boots once a week? effme. still haven't rocked mine ONCE.