makeshift manhattan

it's been a handful, this handful of days: we auditioned for a kitten, joined a bourbonfest in an old bank, were told the cat might lose his tail, said our goodbyes to the princemas tree, made pudding, visited the gaf, returned to the old bank, collected robot paintings, and took the cat in for surgery (no tail was lost, happily; joe will take him home in an hour or so and begin convincing him to forgive us).

many of those things are complicated, but one (the pudding) is simple, and you must summon it yourself without delay. with no more than sugar, water, corn starch, vanilla, and milk - and a bit of patience - pure, unadulterated joy (in tupperware) can be yours. this was actually my second batch, and i cut the corn starch nearly in half to avoid the first batch's flannish consistency; with that tweak, and with a bit of sea salt cracked over it at the end, it's damn fine. sometimes focusing on damn fine pudding is the thing to do.


tanthalas said...

Yay for tail!

east side bride said...

i'm sorry... who wants pudding when there is BOURBON?

kidchamp said...

@ESB it's a lot easier to make it to early vet appointments when you're dealing with pudding, man. also, i don't think i'd want to make my own bourbon.

and god, yay for...tail. nothing says "munchausen by proxy" quite like amputating your cat's tail to get rid of a mass that could turn out to be benign (needle biopsies are often inconclusive, so you don't really know what you've done until you've made the whole call - but we had to make the call).

Amanda said...

In middle school, I loved this short story about chocolate pudding. It had the nicest descriptions of how to make it, of how simple it was in the middle of a mess, of how some like the skin that forms on top. Thank gods for pudding, truly.