12.24.09: welcome to my life

1: you wouldn't get a matching tattoo with me?
2: winona forever.
1: they wouldn't have to say anything. they could be awesome barn owl tattoos.
2: i just don't like tattoos.
1: so you're saying you married me in spite of mine?
2: yes.
1: i know what my next tattoo is going to say.


east side bride said...

winona forever. billy bob. why jinx it?

jamie said...

i miss out for a few days and you reference my body art!  (i do not like it when an emoticon automatically pops up. just sayin)

oh nomi. you are always thinking my behavior is jinx enticing.

kidchamp said...

this new comment system, with the emoticons and the youtubing and the hyperlinking...none of it pleases me. still trying to figure out how to revert. 

i thought i spied your owl in one of the photos you posted today, but i didn't want to creep you out by squeeing over it. that said, squee!