it's hard to transition from talking about our little cat to talking about, well, anything else; many other things have happened in the past week, but i can't say that i care much about them right now. we finally interviewed with the co-op board on wednesday and on friday they let us know that we were approved, so we're circling in on our new apartment; the best thing about that, at present, is that the logistics of closing the deal and of populating our new space with things are very distracting. i've developed weird but probably harmless fixations on spray painting picture frames and hoarding old pendleton blankets. i spin sofa sections around like tetris blocks in my head. i hatch plots to lure birds up to our windows on the eighteenth floor - but that's for the little cat again.

joe and i are more alike than i'd realized, and in the first few days after jude died we behaved a bit like one person. i hate that our family shrank, but i admit that it was comforting to feel thrown together in the contraction. chuck wedges himself between us as he always has. we move together.

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