07.09.09: time for pie

(note: jane austen, zombie, and goat selection spoilers herein)

pride and prejudice and zombies

my only significant quibble (if there's such a thing) with (jane austen and) seth grahame-smith's pride and prejudice and zombies is that, in the second to last illustration, elizabeth is pinned to the dojo floor by a dagger with lady catherine de bourgh's ninjas in lifeless heaps on either side of her; according to the text, the ninjas aren't dispatched until elizabeth escapes while lady catherine is admiring one of the bennets' antique katanas. a little sloppy, guys.

there are also a handful of inconsistencies in the official name of the irish seminary (kilkenny? kilkerry?) for crippled clergymen to which wickham retires with lydia after mr. darcy "beats him lame" - but these things slip through the cracks every now and again, and the book is great fun either way. marjorie garber told my austen class (long ago when the earth was flat, in the summer of '98) that clueless was her favorite version of emma; along, well, sort of analogous lines, i think this might be my favorite pride and prejudice (though my zombie bias is strong, for sure: i always snicker a bit when someone offers to send me their headshot here at the magazine). a few best-loved gobbets:
(chapter 1)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.

(chapter 7)

"Can I have the carriage?" said Jane.
"No, my dear, you had better go on horseback, because it seems likely to rain; and they spring so easily from the wet earth."

(chapter 51)

Elizabeth looked expressively at Lydia; but she, who never heard nor saw anything of which she chose to be insensible, gaily continued, "Oh! Mamma, do the people hereabouts know I am married to-day? I was afraid they might not; and I passed William Goulding, whose curricle had been overturned and horses devoured, so I was determined he should know it, and so I let down the side-glass next to him, and took off my glove, and let my hand just rest upon the window-frame, so that he might see the ring, and then I bowed and smiled like anything. He yelled after us - something about his son being trapped; but oh! Mamma, I am sure he saw the ring. Oh! Think of how the news will spread!"
in news of the living, yesterday was joe's birthday (and our little cat got to come home, hooray!). it was time for pie.

[at a midtown art store checkout counter]

1: so if you were giving someone a birthday cake...would you put this goat on it, or this goat? [places figurines on counter]
2: well, what kind of cake is it? chocolate?
1: actually, it's really a birthday pie. a key lime pie, ten inches.
2: that's small. that one... [gestures to mountain goat]
1: ...could overshadow the pie?
2: yeah. and key lime, so it's green...with brown and white...yeah, the small one. with the little beard.
1: great!

how are you, internets? what news of your undead, your betrothals and pie-times?


tom said...

An outfit I associate myself with (www.stinque.com) has actually put up a wiki, whereby the Bible gets the zombie treatment.

However, you will see no edits to the Good Book authored by me (d/b/a Chicago Bureau). Notwithstanding severe disagreements with certain persons, I am still fairly wary of sacrilege.

east side bride said...

GOATS! (I seem to be shouting a lot today.) My best lady put goats on her wedding cake. Our costume designer friend embellished the bearded groom goat with a little bow tie and cuffs, and the bride with a little veil (natch) and two posies on her head.

Like how I brought it back to weddings?

lauren said...

tom, may i refer to you as the gentleman blasphemer? it has such a nice ring to it.

i...can't say enough about goats; i just might give a few as wedding gifts. i mean, they have rectangular pupils! they turn garbage into chevre! they love towers! if i ever move to brooklyn, it will be in part because i need me some room for goats.

Amanda Bruns said...

Goats, goats, goats.

p.s. "What news of your undead?"?!
Please be my friend.

baby jo said...

re: twitter -- we totally spotted two whales prepping for some romantic events in the sea of cortez in april. you should see the video i took. hot.

seriously, go to baja.