happy bastille day, folks. for reasons that could only be explained in the most convoluted way, i need to create a hierarchy of cultural figures named david whose surnames begin with b. thus far it's been determined that david beckham trumps david blaine, for instance, and bowie is tops, of course, so we've got

david bowie
david beckham
david blaine

...but where does david boreanaz go? what about the amazing version of david boreanaz from "smile time," the angel episode in which he turns into a puppet? and david brancaccio - i just don't know. i need judgment calls, and i need davids. help a sister out, would you?


pica said...

David B.! Whose work I still haven't read, I'm afraid.

lauren said...

same here (i was wondering about him); i'll consult douglas for placement advice.

wood said...

David Brooks for the bottom.

jacob said...

David Berkowitz.

jacob said...

David Broder.

jacob said...

David Brinkley. The David B crowd is filled with news and opinion dudes, it seems.

jacob said...

Would fictional David Bs be appropriate? Cause if so, I think you're going to need David Brent.

lauren said...

excellent. but how do we rank them? i'm with wood on david brooks playing us out, i think. from douglas, on david b the frenchman:

"David B. the French cartoonist is amazing--"Epileptic" is probably one of my three or four favorite graphic novels ever. (That said, "Nocturnal Conspiracies," his only other book available in English, is not so hot. But "The Armed Garden" and "The Veiled Prophet," which appeared in MOME a couple of years ago, are unbelievable.)"

i think that translates to "above becks, below bowie."

ETA: nonfiction for now. i'm so easily confused, you see.

east side bride said...

David Byrne trumps David Beckham.

Thank you! I plan to obsess on this for the rest of today's b o r i n g movie shoot.

lauren said...

i concur, esb: my friend megan (missyspacik on twitter) said as much as well. #2 to the man with the big suit.

related, also from megan: i'm still fixated on that tom jones x the cardigans "burning down the house" cover.

interestingly, while i'm perfectly comfortable with dumping on david brooks, my interest in keeping politics in the mix drops off with david ben-gurion (do we really want to compare "ziggy stardust" with, you know, israel?). perhaps political pundits are fair game, politicians not so much?

anonymous said...

"Le Quatorze Juillet" - as in "Fourth of July," rarely "Independence Day."
Bonne fête à tous!

wabes said...

i am really excited to see the resulting list, here.

tom said...

David Blunkett was a UK Cabinet minister under Tony Blair. Notable for (a) his blindness and (b) his extramarital affair. Kinda like another Dave we know.

(Singing "These are the Daves we know, we know...")

Ma said...

David Ben Gurion

lauren said...

you people and your politics! i know, i bring this on myself, but damn. i am tightening up the requirements here: arts (incl. media arts) and entertainment only.*

a draft:

david bowie
david byrne
david b
david beckham
david brinkley
david brancaccio
david boreanaz
david broder
david blaine
david brooks

*yes, beckham is an entertainer. surely i don't have to explain why.

G said...

david boreanaz needs to be way higher on that list. I mean, his longevity with Bones cannot be challenged. Plus, he gets to hone his "cynical eyebrow" look on a weekly basis. Most lovable. ex-sniper. ever.

lauren said...

i should also add a write-in from sarah:

David Baldacci: As all the subway ads tell me, he is the king of the political thriller.

tom said...

Love the bend-but-don't-break call on David Brinkley. As much as a staple of Sundays at the ancestral pad as eggs, coffee and muffins from the store.

Ray Davis said...

David Bromige #1 4-ever.