02.05.09: help the aged

so, zabar's carries citric acid.* you will probably never need to know that, but if you, like me, need it to finish a craft project that has to be out the door in a matter of days and don't have the time to hunt down winemaking supply stores (?) and are in manhattan, it's good information to have. more on that project if, god willing, it turns out well and gets out the door in time.

joe called me at work the other day to announce that he'd joined facebook (a coworker nudged him along; does this make him the first person to add things to it due to political pressure?). "you should join too," he said blithely, as if i don't rant about how much it creeps me out on a regular basis. so...i did. once the 'book was introduced to our marriage, i decided it was fruitless to resist; i was already doomed to catch all of the nasty stuff he contracts from it (facebook is the new VD, is what i'm saying). assimilating has been pretty painless so far; i don't know how interested i am in features that overlap with things i already do (like blogging here, posting pictures to my flickr photostream, microblogging via ye olde twitter feed), and i'm too shy and crotchety to go on friending binges and reconnect with long-lost school chums, but internets, i am trying. i'm trusting the separation of church and state to keep my more personal stuff (of which there isn't much) semi-private.*** i will give the 'book a chance - at least until there's a vaccine.

*a lot of clueless gourmet store employees** became scared of me when i asked for citric acid, but it's much more pleasant than it sounds: it's just sour salt, the stuff that makes tart candy so wonderful. having two large jars of it in my kitchen makes me feel a bit like augustus gloop when he first saw willy wonka's river of chocolate.

**aside to that aside: the gal at williams-sonoma, by contrast, both knew what i was talking about (and gave me a mini-presentation about the relative virtues of ascorbic and citric acids) and gave me the tip about zabar's. they're fancy in there, but they know their shit.

***did anyone else feel a little weird seeing the piece on '25 random things' in the new york times today? i know print is trying to keep up with the internets, but damn, guys: that's awfully niche-y for a lifestyle piece, and memes like that have been around for years.


meg said...

All I'm saying about facebook is 'eh.' I never log on unless I really need to. Though oddly, it keeps me in contact with my cousins.

lauren said...

to be fair, it did teach me one interesting thing two days ago: robin, a friend of mine from elementary school back in the OC, wrote a YA novel last year about...growing up in the OC. later that same day, i found a galley on our free table here at work (very weird, since it came out last april) - so now i'm reading a book by a girl who lent me her sweet valley high books back in the day. i totally remember sitting on her bed, engrossed in one, and thinking, "that jessica wakefield is SUCH A BAD GIRL!"

meg said...

God, they were such soft core porn. I was always so sure I was going to get caught out reading them.

wabes said...

lila fowler was a total bitch, though.
i think i only read two, because my mom somehow kept them out of my hands. one of them was where elizabeth was an amnesiac and jessica pretended to be here and hook up with...bruce?

p.s. i got hazed, sort of, into facebook as well by ye boyfriend who wanted to join. my last two friend requests have been from my bad mormon ex-boyfriend from high school and my pre-school buddy who was always really neat. i'm a bit overwhelmed by both, but kind of glad to know they're still around....