10.16.08: baltimore

flower girl

jacob and megan get the first and only kidchamp thoughtful wedding music award: henceforth when i think of their nuptials, or of surrendering to my thirtieth birthday, or of baltimore, i'll think of their first dance. it's one thing to mist over when you hear your own song; it's quite another to react that way to someone else's. gah, that extra glenns youtube link (up in this post's title) is doing it to me again: the DJs in love, they are lethal.

i have decided that being a groomswoman is much more fun than being a bridesmaid: at one point, i thought i was going to wear a boutonnière and carry a bouquet, it was a great excuse to go out and buy a little black dress (that i would now like to wear every day), and i got to skip extended primping and watch television with joe, david, and jacob at guy prep HQ, née our room ("should we turn on sports? yeah, we should probably turn on sports."). i had to duck out to the balcony with a new yorker when the groom changed clothes, but otherwise, i think everything worked out: most male attendants don't have multiple lint rollers, and girls have much nicer tweezers and scissors. also, putting my arm around a bridesmaid during the vows wouldn't have been nearly as fun. married groomspeople, internets! the cuteness is unstoppable!

the cuteness was kind of unstoppable in general, really. joe started sniffling before the wedding coordinator gave us the cue to cross the patio, and by the time jacob and megan turned to each other under the chuppah, the whole wedding party was crying with happiness. watching those kids get hitched was rocktober in its purest form.

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 been to any weddings lately?

02 have you ever been part of ye olde jewish wedding chair-lift? i was all excited about that, but apparently it happened while i was in the bathroom.

03 are you a weeper?


valya said...

congratulations jacob and megan! love the photo of joe.

01) three this summer! the most recent was in seattle, and it was beyond cute. the couple met while skiing, so the wedding cake was a mountain with bride and groom figures skiing down it. and there was another cake, a reproduction of the telephone pole flier that reconnected them (since they never exchanged info while skiing - yes, the groom found the bride again by posting fliers around town). and there was a fire pit with make-your-own s'mores. see? beyond cute.

02) sorry you missed it... i've witnessed at least 5. it is great fun, though a little unnerving if the room has low ceilings or chandeliers. or creaky chairs.

03) no, but i might admit to getting a bit misty in a certain oxford garden.

G said...

01 Actually sat out the most recent wedding I was invited to, but made up for it with a great guy's evening with the little one and the (not so little) brother.

02 If you're ever up in a chair, you want me on at least one of the legs. I've held aloft many a bride/MOB/MOG and saved at least one of them from a horrible wedding demise. Maybe it's my superpower...

03 Only at my own!