10.22.08: central park phones it in again

new york phones it in again (1 of 2)

october lunch breaks are the worst.


tom said...

Wow. I read your twittering and for a second I read it as "I am tom, internets, and need your help." The rn = m thing sometimes happens, with always hilarious consequences, you know.

A: The Gozer outfit (if I recall right) is just garish. The thunderbolt on your face? Better. And if people don't get it, you could just claim you're some Hogwarts type. Make it up and see if anybody notices.

lauren said...

[the tweet to which tom refers:

i am torn, internets, and need your help: for halloween, should i be aladdin sane-era bowie or gozer the gozerian? ]

each halloween option has its drawbacks: as aladdin sane, one doesn't really wear a shirt. as gozer, in turn, one doesn't really wear...anything. a white body stocking with a lot of used fabric softener sheets and white christmas ornament thingers stuck to it, or something. while i am newly gym-dandied, i'm not sure that i'm ready to inflict that much of myself on new york: slavitza jovan i am not.*

the main components of both costumes were available at american apparel, which i find rather amusing.

this whole bowie/gozer thing came about after i lost interest in my original plan, which was to be starbuck (katee sackhoff's fitness level i could do). strike 1: i don't have shoulder-length blonde hair and didn't want to wear a wig. strikes 2, 3, &c: when i googled starbuck images, a resulting caption SPOILED THE LAST SEASON OF THE SERIES (which i have yet to see). internets, if you are waiting to netflix battlestar galactica, DO NOT GOOGLE STARBUCK. that is all.

*i reserve the right to inflict myself on NYC next year, if pulchritude permits.

uncle paul said...

Actually, Chelsey rocked the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt one Halloween year at Iowa, though I think the rest of the ensemble was sort of a Bowie conglomerate: well hung and snow white tan, complete with some kind of codpiece in the tight leather pants. Marlowe: "What the hell'd you put in there, Chelsey?" Chelsey: "Wouldn't you like to know?"