04.17.08 {davis, ca}

i've missed you, internets! joe and i have been having a lovely time in northern california for the past week, and i've much to tell you of the winchester mystery house and san francisco dive bars and adorable japanese hotel furnishings, but my mother's ancient PC isn't especially interested in working with photos from my digital camera - and i want to upload pictures before i start painting the pictures with words. i'm particular.

that said, i have a few bottom-of-the-imaginary-swimming-pool cameraphone shots of the handy-dandy drug store sunglasses i picked up when we were in monterey visiting my sister (and getting disgustingly sunburned) last weekend, so i'm having a go at

101 in 1001: 067 find, purchase, and wear a decent pair of sunglasses
i'm ignoring some commonly accepted decents - "conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc.," say, or "of fairly attractive appearance" - because really good glasses cost far more than i'm willing to spend, and because even those tend to look weird on me. i'm thinking "adequate; fair; passable," and i've decided that if i can manage a general online consensus for that kind of decent, the $16.99 i dropped at longs (when, by the way, did cheap-ass sunglasses get so expensive?) was well spent and the list item is history. what say you?

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