101 in 1001: 093 attend a lecture at the 92nd street Y [completed 09.05.07]

101 in 1001: 093 attend a lecture at the 92nd st Y

michael palin and lorne michaels, boom goes the dynamite! i'd forgotten about this list item altogether for a while, and when i first consulted the Y's fall lineup i thought i might have to sit through an evening with don delillo in the name of progress. fortunately his event isn't a lecture. lorne michaels interviewing michael palin wasn't a lecture either, you say? ah, but the event calendar disagreed!

as michael palin has been reading from his new book (diaries 1969-1979: the python years) all over town this week - a friend of ours interviewed him about it a few hours before we saw him, actually - it probably wasn't very clever to pay $26 a pop for the Y event. i wanted to have a look at the facilities, though, and they are in fact lovely - hey, those panels!* when my poetry and joe's government work have made us wealthy, we'll become members and attend so many of these things that their individual prices will be laughable. they'll be free for members, actually, but that's not the point.

financial issues aside, who could regret going uptown for the IT'S man? were it not for his efforts (and for mtv's late-night python marathons back in the day), i'd never have convinced anyone to date me in high school. in college, my mom got first dibs on the guys in her freshman dorm for being the only woman who could play bridge; thirty years later, i was the only girl who knew the lyrics to the lumberjack song. a bit easier, really, and the advantage disappeared at college, but thank you, fellows.

*yes, it's pathetic that i snapped an empty stage. it's tough to sneak a photo when one can't disable one's flash, internets, and i didn't want to be rude (or kicked out).


sharon said...

hooray for another completion!

thanks for the veggie chili recipe - am quickly becoming a huge fan of that entire site.


tom said...

You really weren't the "only girl who knew the lyrics to the lumberjack song," I think. If I'm right, at least half of Stanford kids, at least, were weaned on PBS, which ran Python in the late-night hours. (MTV late-night Python? News to me.) Most of these kids would have watched, and therefore had an appreciation of, Python. And some of these would have been girls.

P.S.: Lemon curry?

lauren said...

dude, i repeat: the advantage disappeared in college.


dear real princess margaret...

wabes said...

yeah...count me in for a "lumberjack" lyric girl, too. and the finland song! the boys & us in high school were big python fans as well. it made spamalot a bit anti-climatic, 10+ years later, and no walk down memory lane like it was for the fortysomethings.

tom said...

Sorry; read too fast. My bad.


uncle paul said...

No Python girls at my high school - their principal exposure was probably just having to listen to us go NEE! and snigger over by the lockers.