that was way too serious. today is come here, go away (tm tomato nation) day.

come here, charoset and bitter herbs. if you're agnostic, passover apparently makes you need hillel sandwiches like a pregnant lady needs pickles and ice cream: joe and i stuffed ourselves with horseradish, apples, and matzoh pretty much throughout seder on saturday.

go away, saw II. i love dreadful horror sequels - for god's sake, i liked hypercube - and the only good thing about you is the "enjoy your PURPLE NURPLE!" line from the scary movie 4 commercials. when you don't get interesting until you're parodied, you're in trouble.

go away come here, wedding florist. it's professional of you to honor your commitment to our wedding (even though we didn't sign anything) this summer after you sold your flower shop to devote yourself to your new baby. i don't really understand how you're going to get it done without, um, a flower shop, but you're the best and only show in town and i want to trust you. please send us the estimate you promised to have by last week so my head doesn't break.

go away, guess the dictator or sit-com character. i am not and never will be joey from dawson's creek. have you seen katie holmes lately? when i first followed that link, i thought i was looking at kelly osbourne.

come here, magic hat circus boy (and the weird-ass fortune teller on your website). if you did taste like a hefeweizen, i probably wouldn't like you.

go away, guy on tenth avenue who tried chat me up without actually listening to my responses. i tend to distrust people who tell me that i, too, sound like a good uncle.

come here, asparagus risotto. you gobbled up twice the suggested amount of veggie broth and needed doctoring with benecol and vanilla soymilk (because that's how we roll in The Kitchen That Joy Forgot), but you did your best.


sara said...

oh, how i LURVE go fug yourself!
also, it's good to be serious now & again :)

jacob said...

um...i'm woody from cheers? because i'm russian and poor at everyday tasks?

all megan (agnostic/atheist) could talk about at either seder was how much she was looking forward to the hillel sandwich. i guess my theory - that the sandwich is so tasty because you've been sitting through an hour long seder to get to it - must be wrong.

to all fellow wedding travelers - lincoln college is friendly and very fast in confirming reservations.

finally, this one goes out to opera people (paul?). what's the take out there on "nixon in china"? i checked it out from the psu library. for me, very entertaining, but one of the strangest librettos i've ever seen.

uncle paul said...

I loved "Doctor Atomic," especially the first act; of Adams's earlier operas, I've only heard "The Chairman Dances" excerpt from "Nixon in China." Which is pretty cool. I've been meaning to check out the whole thing.

anonymous said...

you're supposed to choose a character and see if the program can guess who it is. you're not supposed to answer the questions as yourself.

lauren said...

oh, i know - but that's not nearly as entertaining.

sara said...

..which brings me to "rory from gilmore girls" or "jessie from undergrads" (i was undecided on one question). whatEVer.