springer in new york

it's wing, or springer, or something like that. the plaza this morning was a far cry from the drifty blizzard zone of a few months back; our view from the third floor (this is from our stoop) was a sea of blossoms. hours later it was pummeled in a freak snowstorm; snakes on a plane, man. snakes on a plane.

mischa barton quote of the day:

"There's something about not being the quintessential Hollywood person who has to drive to every meeting themselves. You're in your own little area more. Somebody drives me to work - either my mom or an assistant. Or my boyfriend."

(jane, october '04)


bassett h-q said...

"it's wing, or springer...."

Best: combine the two, and you get a fuddism. Spwing has spwung! Isn't it wovely? Ha-a-a-a-a!

uncle paul said...

Winger! Daddy says she's too young / But she's old enough for me