my mom now has an artist page at the brigham galleries in nantucket. admire her, o internet! give her oodles of money for her kick-ass sculpture! i, in turn, have continuted to construct things with humble felt; for joe's recent birthday i put together an anthropomorphic cannoli.

have decided to return to a metered film review system; the paragraph format doesn't suit my attention span. the movie cinquains liveth in the summer of '05:

war of the worlds:

disaster scenes;
a pointless tim robbins;
tom cruise clearly wanted to smooch
his son.

the getaway:

mcgraw is a
visual sedative.
sally struthers is a daft ho.

white heat:

flick with sound bites
galore. plausible psychopath,
that james cagney. his moll looks like
my boss(!).


sara said...

love the plushie cannoli!! (and, happy birthday, joe!)

josh and i saw war of the worlds on friday. i'm not sure i remember breathing much during the entire two hour stretch. tim robbins gained weight for that role. dakota fanning was awesome: her eyes remind me of uma t. way intense!

sara said...

p.s. your mom's baskets are wonderful! she should be on display in santa ana at the bower's museum with artwork like that: it fits their overall theme very well! (of course i haven't been in over 10 years...)