thwarted! i've been planning what i consider a perfect valentine's day gift for joe - equal parts wheezy sentiment and icky eccentricity - but it is not to be. i've been donating platelets, you see, and i noticed a flyer at the cookie station:
If you'd like to save a life...

and send roses to someone you love,

make 3 platelet donations between December 1, 2004 and January 31, 2005 and you can send a half dozen "speaking roses" to your special someone for Valentine's Day or any special occasion through July 31, 2005.
bingo! speaking roses' petals are embossed, cheesily, with the message of one's choice; i wasn't going to spring for customization, but something like "we appreciate your business" sounded lovely. i'd tell joe that i earned them with pints of my innards, and it would be thoughtful and gross and just right. then my work buddy (hi) pointed out that the deadline for donation #3 is next week; naturally i can't carve out the time to make another appointment on monday, so there goes that. execrable reading comprehension skills strike again.

on 'love,' dad and donna were on oprah this tuesday to promote her book. in the interest of avoiding emotional nuclear winter in my family, i'll pass on discussing the publication and press efforts; i will say, however, that it was deeply bizarre to see a picture of myself - blonde, prepubescent and wearing mickey mouse ears - on network television. toss that in that with judd's american idol debut the same day and chloe's sister's ongoing role as mischa barton's girlie-squeeze, and it's been an odd week.

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